The Green manifesto for the parliamentary election 2019 The Green manifesto for the parliamentary election 2019

The Green manifesto for the parliamentary election 2019

What kind of a future do you want to build? Show your true nature and vote.

At 101 years old Finland stands at a crossroads. The choices we make now about the future of our society, are critical not only to ourselves but to ones who come after us. The promise of the Nordic welfare state, equality and equitable wellfare is the great legacy of Finland. Our task is to lead it onwards in a manner it has a chance to last another 100 years.

The future of the welfare state is green. If we don’t hold on to the carrying capacity of the environment and stop climate change the foundation of welfare and equality will crumble. That’s why our next government has to be a government of sustainable development. A government that updates the welfare state to the present time. It will also have to be a feminist government that dissolves unequal structures and gives everyone the right to be themselves.

This manifest states our key priorities to make this change. We want to have the environment and climate as the core of politics, we want to make our Finnish education system the best in the world, we want to tackle poverty and inequality and to create new work and opportunities for success for Finland.

Stopping climate change and preserving diversity sets the boundaries for everything we’ll do for decades. It is the urgent duty of the next government to get Finland up to speed on this task. Our entire way of living needs to respect these boundaries and the needed changes have to be implemented safely and fairly.

Another urgent task the next government will have to tackle is returning our education system its honour. Education has been a key ingredient of Finland’s success story. It’s up to us to continue that story. The goal has to having the best education system in the world and the Greens propose this as a collective national project.

In order to prevent anyone from falling during the transition we need a renewed social security system that reduces poverty and gives people power to build their lives as they choose. At the core of this renewal is the basic income that works as a safety net when situations in lives changes and prevents anyone from being left with nothing.

The Greens’ Finland is not only for people who have a certain look, colour or abilities. The Greens’ Finland is a common Finland, that gives a good home for everyone. A common Finland for women, men and other genders, those who are born here and those who have moved her, for young and old, minorities and majorities. We defend democracy, human rights and the principles of the constitutional state, wherever they are threatened, near or far.

For this Finland and these goals the Greens invite everyone to work for in the parliamentary election this spring. We challenge everyone to show what kind of a country and what kind of a world we want to build. Show your true nature and vote. The choice is yours.

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Greens’ 20 priorities for the parliamentary election

Stopping climate change and protecting our equal environment

1.     A road map for a fair change
2.     A deadline for fossil fuels, lowering environmentally hazardous     subsidies.
3.     Zero emission traffic, sustainable cities and municipalities.
4.     Protecting biodiversity and increasing carbon sinks.
5.     Towards a Finland that respects animal rights.

Building the best educational system in the world

6. Education as a collective national project.
7. Strong emphasis on early age education.
8. Focus on the key tasks of primary school.
9. Everyone to receive at least upper secondary education.
10. Universities and research to be granted funding and undisturbed freedom.
11. Constant learning onto another level.

Preventing poverty and inequality

12. Renewing the social security system towards basic income.
13. Repairing health and social services and rejecting deprivation.
14. Defeating inequality.
15. Taking global responsibility.

Creating work and safety

16. Improving education and competence secures a competent labour force.
17. Easing labour immigration and integration of immigrants.
18. Lowering the thresholds in working life.
19. Renewing services for job applicants.
20. Public sector to support renewing the economy.

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