Manifesto European elections 2019 Manifesto European elections 2019

What kind of Europe do you want to build? - manifesto for the European elections 2019

There is a dream that is worth defending. It is the European dream of peace, freedom, fair access to wellbeing, and acting responsibly towards future generations. For almost seventy years, our previously war-torn continent has been built into a community based on mutual cooperation and fundamental democratic values. Despite its faults, this community is an unprecedented historical achievement.

Europe has been fragmenting in recent years. This has to change. But change will not succeed without political leadership. Once again, we need people who are ready to show the way, present a vision of a united Europe, and involve others in building it.

Finland needs Europe. The maelstroms of history have taught us how harsh life can be for a small country left to fend for itself. We 5.5 million Finns account for only 0.07 percent of the world's population. However, as part of the EU with its population of over 500 million, we are greater than this, representing seven percent of the world's population and its largest economic area.

The world needs Europe. The EU has been a major promoter of climate change prevention, environmental protection, peace, human rights, democracy and a treaty-based world order. Now, the EU is needed more than ever.

We will not surrender to the forces seeking to reverse all that we have achieved and to create a Europe divided by disputes, closed borders, isolationism, hatred and prejudice. We will not give in to the lack of transparency that is estranging people from the democratic process. We will not give in to the greed and short-sightedness that threatens to destroy the prospects of a good life for future generations.

We need a strong and democratic EU that cherishes our European values of justice, freedom and solidarity. We need a Europe which is a staunch defender of the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

We need a Europe which is a key player on the international stage, champions more-responsible rules in international cooperation, and shows the way in building a sustainable future for the world.

We want to get Europe back on its feet. We want a Europe that shows its citizens that it can get results and is capable of building a better future for all of us.

The Greens invite everyone to join it in making the European Union into what it should be once again. What kind of Finland, Europe and world do we want to build? Show your true nature and vote in the European elections! The choice is yours.


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