Municipal elections 2017 Municipal elections 2017

Municipal elections in 2017 are held on 9th of April. 

Can I vote?

Yes, you can vote if

a) you are a citizen of Finland, another EU Member State, Iceland or Norway, and you have had a municipality of residence in Finland no later than on 17 February 2017

b) you are a citizen of some other country and you have lived in Finland since 17 February 2015

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Together we create a better tomorrow

This election is about defining the direction Finland takes.

At our core, The Greens want to ensure that Finland's future is one that is compassionate, inclusive and sustainable. We believe decisions should be democratic, humane and leave our children a future they can look forward to.

We are at a fork in the road: do we choose an alternative based on humane and sustainable reforms, or that of cold values and unfair cuts?

The Finnish Governments’ cuts to both education and the environment do the children of today and tomorrow no favours.

Municipalities are not powerless. With The Greens' sustainable reforms, we want to defend all that Finland values most: its people. Together, another world is possible.

At this election, we are making 12 promises. Through this reform program, we can protect our common environment, revive the success story that is the Finnish education system, prevent poverty, and create the jobs we need for today and tomorrow.

Municipalities have a great say about the environment we live in. Beyond preserving the nature left in your neighborhood and improving transport, The Greens want to improve the efficiency and livability of the world you live in. Together, we can both address climate change and ensure that renewable energy becomes a key driver in Finland's future economy.

The future depends on our children. That is why it is important for The Greens to make sure that each child gets a good education- from early childhood on. We will reinstate funding to daycare and education. Together, we can ensure a quality education for all. For The Greens, this means defending small group sizes for daycare centers and schools, giving everyone the same access to a good education and providing a vibrant learning environment.

How inclusive and egalitarian your community is can depend greatly on your municipality. The Greens will ensure adequate funding for this important work. Our local neighborhoods need to be a places where a diversity of people can live, learn and work, each of them as valuable and unique as the other. Together, we can make our communities safe for all and truly flourish.

It is up to the municipalities to both promote job creation and help people find work. Jobs are best created by investing in new solutions: including in public transport, clean energy, sustainable buildings and organic food, for instance. Together, we can improve our local economies by creating new jobs that help make Finland more sustainable and more compassionate.

This municipality election is about defining the direction you want for Finland. Together, we can create a better tomorrow and show that the future for this great country is a bright and compassionate one. The decision is yours.


A new direction for Finland:

12 green promises for municipalities

During the next electoral term, we promise to do our best to make the following 12 goals a reality:

Creating the world’s best school for our children

1: Returning the right of each for a good quality daycare and take steps towards free early childhood education.
2: Calling off the educational cuts at the municipalities and make our schools the world’s best
3: Taking care that the culture and education is available for everyone


Protecting our common environment

4: Addressing climate change at a local level
5: Improving transport and make neighborhoods greener and more liveable
6: Protecting our unique nature


Tackling poverty and inequality, promoting the well-being of your community

7: Renewing the social and healthcare services by putting people first and thus prevent problems
8: Fighting poverty and social exclusion
9: Making municipalities equal and discrimination free


Creating an economy that works for all

10: Creating jobs all over Finland
11: Helping people without a job to find work
12: Welcoming new Finns into our community and into our economy

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