Municipal election programme

We can do anything when we decide so.

This municipal election is about whether we decide to build a better tomorrow together. The Greens support the weakest, the small, and nature, even when times are tough.

We Finns can do anything when we decide so.
Now is the time to build a sustainable future.

Tomorrow, Finland will be green.

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By supporting the Greens, you can help us defend the natural environment and education, and combat climate change and poverty.

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By joining the Greens, you take a stand on world affairs. With your membership fee, you support our work for a better world.

As a member, you can take part in changing the world: defending human rights, fighting the climate and environment crisis and giving a voice to vulnerable groups in our society.

Most of the work for the environment, equality, education and a sustainable future, is done between elections. We are not just a political party, we are a movement, and our members make the movement strong. You are welcome to join us in action!