Parliamentary Elections 2023

What is at stake in the 2023 Parliamentary Elections? Nothing more or less than whether Finland is a country that defends life and protects the environment.

Over the past four years we have set Finland on the road to carbon neutrality, restored a measure of respect for education, and steered parental leave towards equality. 

Much remains to be done. 

In today’s Finland there are 2,667 endangered species. Mental health problems are on the rise in our society. 114 263 children live in poverty. 

We can do better. And we must. 

We want a country where crises are met and challenged head on, and where the most disadvantaged among us can hope for a helping hand. We want a society in which it is safe to try, and even to fail. We want a Finland that is equal, where grievances are addressed and tackled, and where nobody is trampled underfoot.   

These elections are a question of choice – a question of what you choose.  

You can choose to turn the hands of the clock back to the past, or to turn your eyes towards the future. Will we do everything in our power to save our world in the years and decades to come? You can choose whether Finland is to defend life, or to harm and destroy it. 

To face down the challenges of today and tomorrow, we need more action on climate and our environment, not less. We have to support children and young adults, and we have to lift young families out of poverty, not thrust them deeper into despair and misery. 

We must secure the basics in primary and secondary schooling, and we must invest in the entire education system, so that Finland has what it takes to thrive in the 2030s.

We have to ensure that people get the care they need, when they need it, whether for setting a broken leg, mending a shattered mind, or for coping with a chronic ailment. We must invest in science, in order to overcome crises and to learn new things. 

We invite everyone to join us in this work. Together in these elections we can build a safe and vibrant nation, an inclusive Finland for the decade ahead. 

Our green goal is that Finland should be a country that protects its environment, a country where human activity is confined within the limits that nature sets upon it, and a country that nurtures and supports people throughout their lives.

We are not in the 2030s yet, and there is still so much to do. 

You choose. 

Defend life.