The county elections of 2022

The county elections of 2022 are about services that are crucial to us all

The elections will determine whether we can secure the provision of high-quality services, combat inequality and promote equal treatment. The Greens believe that we must strive to both defend and improve our welfare state.

At the moment, people have to wait too long for treatment and getting in touch with a physician is a complicated and time-consuming process. In the county councils, we can ensure investment in preventive work and low-threshold mental-health services. When people are not feeling well, they need help right away, not sometime in the future. 

Everyone should have an equal chance of getting the help they need. Our social and health services should serve everyone, regardless of whether they are an immigrant or belong to a linguistic, cultural, sexual or gender minority.

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✅ You can vote in the county elections if you are a citizen of an EU member state, Norway or Iceland or if you have resided in the municipality for the past two years. The county elections are not held in Helsinki. Additional information is available at:
✅ You can vote in advance at any general advance polling station in Finland.
✅ All you need to vote is an ID.
✅ Let’s stay safe – wear a mask, maintain a safety distance at all times and use hand sanitiser.

✔️ Advance voting period in Finland: 12–18 January 2022
✔️ Advance voting period abroad: 12–15 January 2022
✔️ Election day is Sunday 23 January 2022