The parliamentary election program 2023

This programme is a summary of the Greens’ key objectives for the 2023 Parliamentary Elections. The Greens’ goals for the next parliamentary term are set out in more detail in the Political Programme of the Greens 2023–2027.

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You can choose Finland that defends life

Finland of the future is built now. Over the past four years, we have led Finland on the road towards carbon neutrality, started to restore the prior status of education and reformed family leave so that it can be used on equal basis. However, a lot remains to be done. As many as 2,667 of Finland’s natural species are endangered. Learning outcomes have deteriorated dramatically. Mental health problems are increasingly common. Many people are strapped for cash as prices are soaring. The fossil fuel crisis has put Finns in a tight spot.

Some people want to give up rather than deal with the problems. We do not. History has proven that Finland is a country capable of overcoming the difficulties that lie ahead and able to renew itself.

Your choice makes a difference at the parliamentary elections. Should we turn the tide towards the past or the future? Should we do everything we can to save the planet?

To tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow, we need more, not less climate and environmental action. We must side with children and young people and lift families with children out of poverty, not push them deeper into distress. In schools, we need to get the basics right so that everyone has the chance to learn and succeed. We must educate more competent professionals for Finland, so that we have enough nurses, early childhood teachers, mechanics and engineers. We need to make sure that people get the care they need, whether it’s a question of helping to deal with a broken mind or a broken leg, or living with an illness. We must invest in art and science in order to overcome crises and learn new things. We must treat each other, other animals and our planet fairly and respectfully.

We, the Greens, want Finland to be a country that protects the most valuable of all: the unique environment that we share and the promise of the welfare state not to abandon anyone by leaving them to sink or swim. We want to build a Finland where nature thrives and everyone has the chance to succeed and thrive.

This is the time to decide Finland’s direction after the elections. On the following pages, we present the Greens’ top ten priorities in the parliamentary elections this spring.

The choice is yours.

Defend life.

The Greens’ top 10 priorities in the parliamentary elections