Parliamen­tary Elections 2023

You can choose a Finland that defends life.

Our green goal is that Finland is a country that protects its environment, where human activities are set within the limits of the environment and that supports people throughout their lives.

However, we are not yet in the 2030s and there is much work to be done.

You choose. Defend life.

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Let’s defend our diverse nature and combat climate crisis

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Let’s give everyone a chance to learn and succeed

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Let’s fight poverty and introduce basic income

A just society is not built by cutting social security. For the Greens, reducing poverty is one of the most important tasks of politics. We should renew our  social security system and raise the level of basic security.

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Why is it important to donate to candidates?

Our parliamentary election candidates campaign almost entirely with their own funds and donations. The Greens do not have institutional financiers like the older parties.

That’s why even a small donation makes a big difference. Donations are used to buy coverage on the streets and online.

By supporting the candidates, you help us defend nature and education as well as fight climate change and poverty.



The parliamentary elections are about what you choose.

You whether to turn towards the past or the future. Will we do everything possible to save our planet in the future? You decide whether Finland is a defender of life or a destroyer.

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